Monday, 9 November 2015

Shirts, socks and silly labels

The logic of department store display policy is beyond me.
You get a rack of shirts, usually laid in a display cabinet with about seven shelves one above the other. So far, so good. But what I don't understand is why the SMALLEST sizes are on the TOP shelf, and the LARGEST sizes are on the BOTTOM shelf. In other words, a tall guy like me has to stoop to check the collar size, a shortarse has to stand on tiptoe. I asked the assistant why. "It's company policy, sir," he replied.
I used to buy my socks in packs of three, all the same colour. Then, for no reason, the store stopped doing those packs, and instead did three-packs of assorted colours. I wanted three burgundy-coloured pairs, I didn't want one green, one blue and one purple. I asked the assistant to make up a three-pack of burgundy-coloured socks. Can't do it, sir. Why not? "It's company policy, sir," he replied.
So, let's go to the local supermarket and stock up on a few ready meals. But, oh dear, the labelling. Everything you don't need to know is in HUGE LETTERS. The vital information, ie, what the meal actually is in MINISCULE.

Special Recipe
World-wide reputation
Beef cannelloni

You may wonder why they do it. "Company policy, sir," they reply. Actually, it doesn't matter because the next time you visit the supermarket, they will have changed all the displays around anyway, so the ready meals which were in Aisle 5 are now in Aisle 7 next to the detergents and the sanitary products. Why? Come on, you already know the answer!

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